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What's in it for you?

What's in it for you?

How it works

Being part of the Qudo beta tester programme is simple:


  • We assign you a number of tasks for you to complete

  • We give you access to the platform and let you jump in.

  • We use a number of measurement methods including screen capture, webcam, heat mapping and eye tracking which we’ll help you set up

  • Finally, and most importantly, you provide us with feedback based on your experience.

What's in it for you?

Mandatory requirements

To be accepted into our beta programme we need a few simple things from you:


  • Must complete a full project from research to activation

  • Must be willing to provide feedback to help improve the platform

  • Must be able to run and pay for a 2000 sample research campaign

  • Must be willing to run an activation campaign based on our targeting

What's in it for you?

Optional requirements

Ideally, we’d like our beta testers to work with us on the following:


  • Willing to work with us on building and launching an AB test campaign

  • To allow us to package their results in a named (or unnamed) case study

  • Answer a short survey to understand the wider product feature roadmap

  • Full interview/debrief


We've spent months constructing a platform which blends the worlds of research, data science and digital activation and we're now ready to be launched into the marketing world.

Before we do this, we're looking for a chosen-few beta users to help us refine the platform, iron out any bugs and ensure that Qudo delivers everything a marketer needs for precision targeting.

Joining the beta programme gives you free access to the full Qudo platform coupled with advice & guidance from our team of seasoned experts across research, data science and digital activation, all focussed on helping you to conduct & convert world class research into a winning activation programme.



Fill out the form or contact us at info@qudo.ai




Company name


Which countries do you operate in?

Have you conducted previous research?

Are you B2B or B2C?

Applying to this programme means you're ok with our Privacy policy

Thank you for your submission!


Becoming a beta tester with Qudo gives you access to the following:


  • Early access to our amazing platform for free!

  • Support from our team of expert researchers, data scientists and digital marketeers.

  • Bespoke piece of research designed according to your requirements 

  • Segmentation including detailed segment profiling

  • Precision targeting outputs with integration directly into Facebook.

  • A world of Improved advertising performance from knowing your audience better.


For select Beta testers who meet all our mandatory & optional requirements we’ll even cover the cost of a 2000 sample research campaign